20279 Highway 8 - Saint James, MO 65559 - Office: 573-265-5149  Cell: 314-303-5504

Welcome to UnFUSSY camping . . . where relaxation is the ULTIMATE GOAL.
Visit us in the Foothills of the Ozarks and enjoy what UnFUSSY camping is all about.

Severe Weather Conditions:

It is a good idea for you to travel with a weather radio or have a weather app on your cell phone, so you can keep up with weather conditions.

Believe it or not, if I tell you what to do and you are are hurt, I can be held accountable. And this is why you have good insurance on your vehicle, RV and posessions, and health insurance if such conditions force you to need those coverages.

The family room and the basement below it were built a few years ago with IFC Construction, which is using 13" styrofoam blocks with a core of rebar and filled concrete - to withstand tornadic winds.  And woo-boy....is that good insulation as well.

We have yet to ever need to utilize these spaces for safety, but if necessary - and you feel the need to take cover - do not hesitate to come to the office and use these spaces until the all clear is given.

​Yes, bring your pets with you.