2.  ONE-WAY: Follow one-way traffic signs
3.  CHECK IN:  1:00 PM    Check Out: 11:00 AM
4.  QUIET HOURS:  Sunday through Thursday -          10:00 PM to 6:00 AM
                                  Friday and Saturday -                    11:00 PM to 6:00 AM
5.  REGISTER and PAYMENT: Upon arrival check in with office, make payment, sign register
6.  WATER:  We are on a well powered by electic. Fill your RV tanks in case of power outage.
7.  SEWER HOSE: Be sure have have long enough hose for your RV. 

  • After hooking up make sure there are no leaks.
  • Use a slinky or similar device to  ensure proper drainage. 
  • Must have screw in receptacle to have secure fit into our sewer pipe.
8.  WATER HOSE: Be sure and have enough hose to reach hydrant.
  • Check to see there is no leaking at the hydrant or from your RV.
9.  DRIVE ONLY ON GRAVEL: Do not park on grassy area, as pipes are running underground.
10. PICNIC TABLE:  Each patio has a picnic table.

  • When breaking camp to leave put table back on gravel patio - THANK YOU!
11. FIRE PIT: Each site has a fire pit and grate.
  • ONLY WOOD and coals should be in the fire pits.
  • I have to clean fire pits weekly, so don't leave any trash  like cans, bottles, plastic, egg shells, cigarette butts, etc. in the ashes.
  • Do not dump coals on the ground or in the woods.
12. DUMPSTER:  Located by the exit. 
  • ALL TRASH must be in proper plastic trash bags TIED SHUT. 
  • No grocery bags are to be used. 
  • Bottles, cans, food  scraps, diapers, Dog Doodie - anything that is trash much be in a plastic trash bag tied shut.
  • No large items such as chairs, fans, mattresses, as they are a $10 charge by the trash company.
  • I have free bags in the office if you need some.
13. ELECTRIC COMSUMPTION:  An RV is just a tin box. 
  • IT is not wired like a stick house nor is it insulated like a stick house. 
  • If you leave for the day, turn your air up to lessen consumption of electricity.
  • NOTE: If you have an RV that is over 34 feet long, there may be an electric surcharge added to your bill if your consumption goes over $5.00 a day.
14. RV's WITH WASHER/DRYER: PARV in on a well system and a septic system.
  • We ask that you do not use those appliances as it puts a hardship on the well and septic system.
  • It will also keep your electric consumption lower.
15. RV 101: Practice good RVing rules regarding:
  • Mindfulness of loud noise/music or loud conversation.
  • No trash on grounds
  • Running too many electrical applicances at once
  • Children running amuck in the campground unsupervised.
  • Barking dogs.
16. CHILDREN: 15 and under must be supervied at all times. 
  • They are not allowed in rest room and shower house building unsupervised. 
  • You need to know where they are at all tmes.
17. BICYCLE RIDING: Ride at your own risk.
  • Follow one-way signs.
  • No riding after dusk or before sunrise.
  • Ride only on the gravel roads or the paths in the woods.
  • PARENTS please go over rules with your children for safety sake.
  • Helmets are a good safety precaution.
18. ICE and FIRE WOOD: Payment lock boxes by ice machine at pavilion and at the wood shed.
  • Or pay in the office.
  • Children are not to play around/in the machine, climb on the machine, or get ice out of the machine.
19. CIGARETTES:  Arrrrrrgh.  Smokers, please use a Butt Bucket available outside of the office. 
  • No butts on ground or in fire pits.
  • Clear your site when you are packing up to leave.
  • Since we are in a heavily woods area adjacent to Missouri Conservation disposal of cigarette butts properly is a must.
20. GROUNDS: There are bear and coyote sightings within 100 yards of the campground. 
  • No food, grease, dish water, food scraps should be thrown around the campground area. 
  • No need to advertise for critters to come visit.
21. SIT-A-SPELL BACK PORCH: Yes, please feel free to come up to porch at back of house.
  • Chairs.
  • Tables, Ceiling fans
  • TV, just ask for remotes.
22. GOOD SAMARITANS: At PARV we enjoy happy campers.
  • Camaraderie, helpfulness and making of new friends both two-legged and four-legged are encouraged.
  • Kindness goes a long way.
23. LEAVE NO TRACE: Leave your campground cleaner than you found it bares repeating.
  • When breaking camp do the following to help PARV looking good and easy for the mowers:
  1.   Fire out, grate on pit, and left over wood stacked on top of grate
  2.   Picnic table clean and back on patio
  3.   Police your campsite area for trash - straws, dog doodie, candy wrappers, egg shells,           peanuthulls, tent stakes, dog chains, hoses, etc.
  4.   Turn off electric and water
  5.   Leave nothing in rest rooms and shower area
24. Wi-FI and SATELLITE: Due to our location these are sketchy and not guaranteed. 
  • We recommend you travel with yourown hot spot and satellite dish. 
  • Please understand that PARV's Wi-FI is not secure and therefore shouldn't be used for business purposes.
  • Since we have only 10 MPBS of service there is to be no streaming of movies, games, or watching YouTube.
25. MARAMEC SPRING PARK:  Beautiful trout park, 5th largest spring in the state.
  • 2 miles east of us on Hwy 8.
  • Trout fishing, hiking, eating at the cafe, museums and historic tour of old iron works. 
  • There is a $5 entrance fee per car. 
  • To fish you need fishing license and a $3.00 daily trout tag.  Limit of 4 trout daily, 8 in possession. 
  • Once you  have put your 4th trout on your stringer it is illegal to cast any more. 
  • Law says you must have your name on your stringer. 
  • Fishing is managed by the State Conservation Department.
  • 2500+ acres of conservation land
  • Bow-hunting in season for turkey and deer
  • Hiking, bird watching, and photography.
  • Map available at office.
27. WOODSON K. WOODS RIVER ACCESS:  Half mile past the trout park, on your left. 
  • Great for an afternoon of sitting by the river in your chair.
  • Safe for kids to play and float around in. 
  • Dogs on leashes allowed.
  • There's a gravel parking lot with rest rooms.
  • Swim at your own risk.