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Welcome!  At Pheasant Acres RV park, LLC wetake great pride in having the "Best Little RV Park" in the area.
Our Rules and Regulations are for the safety of you, your children, your pets and your guests.
Add to that kindness towards others and helping your neighbor, and you pretty much have our daily philosophy

It's really simple, folks...the code of camping says  "Leave No Trace."  
That simply means that you should leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.

2.  ONE-WAY: Follow one-way traffic signs
3.  CHECK IN:  1:00 PM    Check Out: 11:00 AM
4.  QUIET HOURS:  Sunday through Thursday -          10:00 PM to 6:00 AM
                                  Friday and Saturday -                    11:00 PM to 6:00 AM
5.  REGISTER and PAYMENT: Upon arrival check in with office, make payment, sign register
6.  WATER:  We are on a well powered by electic. Fill your RV tanks in case of power outage.
7.  SEWER HOSE: Be sure have have long enough hose for your RV.  After hooking up make sure there are no leaks. Use a slinky or similar device to               ensure proper drainage.  Musts have screw in receptacle to have secure fit into our sewer pipe.
8.  WATER HOSE: Be sure and have enough hose to reach hydrant. Check to see there is no leaking at the hydrant or from your RV.
9.  DRIVE ONLY ON GRAVEL: Do not park on grassy area, as pipes are running underground.
10. PICNIC TABLE:  Each patio has a picnic table. NO COOKING WITH GRILL ON TABLES please.  When breaking camp to leave put table back on gravel            patio - THANK YOU!
11. FIRE PIT: Each site has a fire pit and grate. ONLY WOOD and coals should be in the fire pits.I have to clean fire pits weekly, so don't leave any trash            like cans, bottles, plastic, egg shells, cigarette butts, etc. in the ashes.
12. DUMPSTER:  Located by the exit.  ALL TRASH must be in proper plastic trash bags TIED SHUT.  No grocery bags are to be used.  Bottles, cans, food             scraps, diapers, Dog Doodie - anything that is trash much be in a plastic trash bag tied shut. I have free bags in the office if you need some.
13. ELECTRIC COMSUMPTION:  An RV is just a tin box.  IT is not wired like a stick house nor is it insulated like a stick house.  If you leave for the day, turn         your air up to lessen consumption of electricity. NOTE: If you have an RV that is over 34 feet long, there may be an electric surcharge added to your         bill if your consumption goes over $5.00 a day
14. RV's WITH WASHER/DRYER: Since Parv in on a well system for water and has a septic system, we ask that you limit your use of those appliances to             keep your electric usage down and lessen water consumption and to keep influx of water from the septic system.
15. RV 101: Practice good RVing rules regarding loud noise/music, trash, running too many electrical applicances at once, children running amuck in the         campground and barking dogs.
16. CHILDREN: 14 and under must be supervied at all times.  They are not allowed in rest room and shower house building unsupervised.  You need to           know where they are at all tmes.
17. BICYCLE RIDING: Follow one-way signs. No riding after dusk or before sunrise. Ride only on thegravel or the paths in the woods. PARENTS please go         over rules with your children for safety sake. Helmets are a good safety precaution.
18. ICE MACHINE: Children are not to play around or in the machine, climb on the machine, or get iceout of the machine.
19. CIGARETTES:  Arrrrrrgh.  If you are a smoker, please use a Butt Bucket available outside of theoffice. Since we are in a heavily woods area and                     adjacent to Missouri Conservation disposal of cigarette butts properly is a must.
20. GROUNDS: There are bear and coyote sightings within 100 yards of the campground.  No food, grease, dish water, food scraps should be thrown               around the campground area.  No need to advertize for them or racoons, squirrels or armadillos.
21. GOOD SAMARITANS: At PARV we enjoy camaraderie, helpfulness and making of new friends, two-legged and four-legged and folks of all ages.                   Kindness goes a long way.
22. LEAVE NO TRACE: Leave your campground cleaner than you found it bares repeating. When breaking camp do the following to help PARV looking             good and easy for the mowers:
       a. Fire out, grate on pit, and left over wood stacked on top of grate
       b. Picnic table clean and back on patio
       c. Police your campsite area for trash - straws, dog doodie, candy wrappers, egg shells, peanuhulls, tent stakes, dog chains, hoses, etc.
       d.Turn off electric and water
       e.Leave nothing in rest rooms and shower area
23. Wi-FI and SATELLITE: Due to our location these are sketchy and not guaranteed.  We recommend you travel with yourown hot spot and satellite                dish. Please understand that PARV's Wi-FI is not secure and therefore shouldn't be used for business purposes. Since we have only 10 MPBS                      of service there is to be no streaming of movies, games, or watching YouTube.
24. MARAMEC SPRING PARK:  Just 2 miles east of us, it is a beautiful place for trout fishing, hiking, eating at the cafe and visiting the museums.  There is        a $5 entrance fee per car.  To fish you need your fishing license and a $3.00 daily trout tag.  Limit of 4 trout daily, 8 in possession.  Once you  have            put your 4th trout on your stringer it is illegal to cast any more.  Law says you must have your name on your stringer.  The fishing is managed by the        State Conservation Department.
25. WOODSON K. WOODS CONSERVATION LAND:  Adjacent on two side of PARV is 2500+ conservation land for bow-hunting in season of turkey and              deer, hiking, bird watching, andphotography.
26. WOODSON K. WOODS RIVER ACCESS:  Is just a half mile past the trout park, on your left.  Greatfor an afternoon of sitting by the river in your chair,          safe for kids to play and float around in. Dogs on leashes allowed. There's a gravel parking lot with rest rooms. Swim at your own risk.

Telephone 314-303-5504
[email protected] ​​
20279 MO-8
Saint James, Missouri  65559
Office: (573) 265-5149
Cell: (314) 303-5504
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