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Cell:  (314) 330-5504    Office:  (573) 265-5149

314-303-5504      20279 MO Hwy 8 in Saint James, MO 65559                                             [email protected]​​
Nightly Rates:   2 People
                                              1 RV or Tent
                                              2 Vechiles
                                               Picnic Table
​                                               Fire Pit
 Cash/Check                       Credit/Debit

Seasonal Sites April thru October
50 Amp Sites 1-5 FHU Back-in Seasonal:                 $37.75 tax incl            $38.96 tax Incl

30 Amp Sites 6 - 11 FHU Back-in Seasonal:             $35.75 tax incl            $36.89 tax incl

30 Amp Sites 12 - 21 FHU Back-in Year Round:      $35.75 tax incl            $36.89 tax incl

30 Amp Sites 22 - 24 E/W/D Back-in Seasonal:       $34.75 tax incl            $35.86 tax incl

20 Amp Sites 25-27 Primitive Tent Seasonal           $29.75 tax incl            $30.70 tax incl 

Additional Charges:

Children 15 and under:                                                   FREE

Additional campers 15 and older each nightly:         $5.00                          $5.15 
Additional tent on RV site with no electric:                $17.50                        $18.00

Additional tent on RV site with electric:                      $20.00                        20.60

Visitors per car load:                                                      $5.00                          $5.15
              Must register in office
              Place hang tag on rear view mirror
              Leave by 10 PM

Bundle of Campfire  Wood:                                         $5.00 large                 
                                                                                          $4.00 Small               

Ice:                                                                                    $2.50 7Lb bag            $2.60
                                                                                          $4.50 20 Lb bag         $4.65

Pets, Limit 3:                                                                   FREE
               Allowed, on leash
               They Poop-You Scoop
               Current Shots
               More info on Pets Page.
You bet'cha . . . we have SEASONAL and EXTENDED rates.
Shoot us a message.  [email protected]
Better yet, give us a call.  314-303-5504
What's that you say?  Your friends want to drop in for a visit ? 
No problem. 
Here's the FYI you need to know regarding guests at PARV as per Insurance Regs.
A fun part of camping is being able to share the great times with friends and family - that might just want to stop by for a picnic or join in at your campfire.  Guests are more than welcome to come see what unfussy camping is all about.  But those ole insurance regulations and stipulations create a few little stumbling blocks.  So here's what you should know about guests at PARV:

  • Visitor Guest(s):                                               $5.15 a car load                                  
  • Must depart PARV by:                                    10 :00 PM.
  • Place hang tang on car rear view mirror                           
  • Camper Responsibility:                                  Registered camper is responsible for guests
  • Guest must:                                                     Sign in guest register and get copy of rules
  • Guest pets:                                                       Follow PARV Pet Rules/Regs 

Sherry's Story

Let's face it - at my age . . . I've had a lot of chapters in my life. I've got a bag of tricks filled from Girl Scouting and counseling skills, pretty hard core biking skills with a big trip of bicycling across the U.S.A., Sunday cruising skills in Ms. Louise, open fire cooking skills in cast iron pots, hiking and fishing skills,
way too many hours spent in
classes for degrees in art skills, 
and skills as a military wife,
mother skills of three super human beings,
veterinarian tech skills,
commercial artist skills before entering the
field of education and s-h-h-h . . .
don't tell anyone but 
I have a love affair with my camera and computer.  


If you like knives - another secret passion of mine - head up to the office and check out my collection.  Sure...I'll let you touch them and oh-h-h and aw-w-w-w.

It's not a hidden secret that teaching 8th graders honed my Ninja skills to manage an RV park.

Just like most folks, when I was eight years old, I had nary an inkling of what life would hold for my future. Thinking that drawing on my momma's wallpaper with her lovely lipstick might have been a clue,  ya think? But the out-of-door wander lust obviously won out since I've tried to pack as much adventure and curiosity into my 7 decades as possible.  Maybe I was just meant to be in the out-of-doors since I spent many a summer at Camp Latonka and Camp Shoshoni as a camper and counselor.

After retirement, hubby and I got the itch to explore the RV-ing life. The very first campground we camped at was...go ahead, guess!  Yep.  Pheasant Acres RV Park at Saint James, Mo. Little did I know that I this sweet little piece of Ozark Paradise would provide me with amazing daily entertainment since 2010 and give me many years of laughter, friendships and meet and greets with wonderful campers from all walks of life.

Each evening after I check to see that the campers are bedded down and I put my head on the pillow surrounded by Ember, Mork, Mindy, Fred and Ginger...whew...I am thankful that I am in the perfect chapter of my life . . . 
                                                              here in the Foothills of the Ozarks.

                   Sherry Swanson, Unfussy Owner 

EMAIL:  [email protected]
We make every effort to answer emails in a timely manner. 
That's the left side of my brain working.

If only I could just get the four-legged children to pick up the phone
and write down messages, my job could be a little easier.
Sometimes this is the right side of my brain working. 

Until's just little ole me manning the reservations.

Cell:        (314) 303-5504
​Office:    (573) 265-5149
Pheasant Acres RV Park, LLC is OPEN YEAR ROUND.