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Pet Policy
​We are a pet friendly RV Park. 
You might hear my furry children barking at times.  They are:
  • Ember, a chocolate Lab 
  • Mork and Mindy (small Morkies) who love to be walked by camper children   
  • Fred and Ginger, the dancing Tuxedo cats
  • Oh, and yes!  Not to forget we have Bunnyville  with our resident doe bunnies which the camping children are encouraged to feed. All does and sweet and soft...Czarina, Sarafina and Cotton Ball.

  1.        However, we have a few Rules and Regulations as per our Insurance Carrier to insure         the well-being of our campers, their guests, and furry pets.
  2.        Service animals assisting people with disabilities are certainly welcome.
  3.        There are nice paths on the adjacent Conservation Land to walk your pets.
  4.        You may be asked at arrival to sign the Rules and Pet Waiver.
  5.        Per our Insurance Carrier, certain breeds are discouraged at PARV.

             Discouraged Pets:  Any pet that has been involved in an altercation/attack/biting                         episode of a person or other pet and these breeds:
  • Pit Bulls and their mixes
  • Rottweilers and their mixes
  • German Shepherds
  • Chow Chows
​                    If you have concerns or questions please call to discuss. 314-303-5504
Please read carefully and be aware that YOU and NOT Pheasant Acres RV Park, LLC
will be legally and financially liable for any and all damage done
to campers, guests, visitors, children  and property by your pet.

1,  Pleasant Acres Park, LLC has a limit of three pets per campsite to reduce the impact on the          surrounding natural resources of our park as well as to assist with noise control and to                make camping fun for all campers.

2.  We ask that all pet BE LEASHED at all times.  Leashes shall be no longer than 10 feet to keep        your pet safe.

3.  Responsibile pet owners keep their pets in control at all times.  Barking dogs ruin the                    enjoyment of everyone. Leaving a pet unattended inside your campiing unit or tied to a              stake while you are gone is not condoned.  When you are gone, your pet is lonely and has a        tendency to bark. 

4.  All pet owners should carry proof of current pet vaccinations from their veterinarian per             insurance requirements. Pets must have rabies tags attached to their collars.

5. Pet waste should be picked up immediately in a plastic bag for quick disposal in dumpster.        There are three Doggie stations with plastic bags in the campground.

6.  Pet owners are responsible for any damange their pet may cause to property including:              buildings, activity area, camp sites, grounds and trees.  Any holes dug need to be filled in            before vacating site.

7. Pet owners must not leave their pet tied outside their RV/Tent while they are gone from the      campground.  Make arrangements with someone to stay behind with your pet or take it              with you.

8.  Visitors are not allowed to bring a pet to the campground.  Tell them in advance.

9.  Pets should not be taking inside the shower house or rest rooms.

10. No animals are allowed on campground that show aggressive behavior toward other                  animals or humans.

11. No animals are allowed that have previously been involved in biting incidents.

Telephone 314-303-5504
[email protected] ​​
20279 MO-8
Saint James, Missouri  65559
Office: (573) 265-5149
Cell: (314) 303-5504
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