​​We are a pet friendly RV Park. 
You might hear my furry children barking at times.  They are:
  • Ember a chocolate Lab 
  • Mork and Mindy (small Morkies) who love to be walked by camper children   
  • Fred and Ginger, the dancing Tuxedo cats
  • Oh, and yes!  Not to forget we have Bunnyville  with our resident doe bunnies.
      Camping children are welcome to feed the does.
      Czarina, Sarafina amd Cottonball love carrots, lettuce, cabbage, apples and fresh water.

              IMPORTANT  PET INFORMATION that must be adhered to while camping at PARV



1. SAFETY OF CAMPERS AND PETS:  As per our insurance carrier these rules are to insure the well-being of
     all our campers, their guests, and furry pets.

2,  UPON ARRIVAL: Present proof of current shots for your pets and have rabies tag on collar.

3.  PET LIMIT:  Two pets allowed per registered camping site. Should you arrive with a third pet there will be a
      $5 per night fee for the additional pet.

4.  LEASHED ALWAYS:  Pets must always be on a leash no longr than 8 feet at all tims.  You may feel that
       your pet is safe with you, but this keeps non-pet guests happy and keeps your pet safe from others.

      There are campers that may have allergies or a fear of pets, especially larger pups. To be considerate of
       their feelings, please have your pet under control at all times. This makes for good times for all campers  
​        at PARV.

5.  SERVICE ANIMALS:  Service animals assisting people with disabilities are welcome and should wear their 
​      service apparatus to identify them as such.

6.  PET WAIVER:  Be aware of Pet Rules and Regs and Sign waiver.

7.  PET WASTE: Please pickup/dispose of pet waste immediately to deter flies and crittrs and keep smell
     down.  No one like to walk in pet waste.

8.  PET WALK PATHS: Pet walking paths are adjacent to the east side of the RV Park.  Please walk your pets
      there.  DO NOT WALK pets on private property gravel road to west side of RV PARK.

9.  SHOWERS/RESTROOMS: For sanitary resons no pets are allowed in the building.

10. PET STATIONS: There are 3 Pet Stations with plastic bags for your use. Locations: by shower house, by 
      white pavilion, and by Bunnyville.

11. VISITOR'S PETS:  Visitors are not allowed to bring their pets to the RV Park.  Please inform them of this 
      before their arrival.

12  DISCOURAGED PETS:  As per our insurance carrier - Any Pet that has been involved in an altercation/
      attack/biting episode of a person or other pet and these large muscular breeds:
  • Pit Bulls and their mxes
  • Rottweilers and their mixes
  • German Shepherds
  • Chow Chows
  • American Bulldogs and their mixes
  • Presa Canario and their mixes

If you have questions please call us:  314-303-5540