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    Welcome to unfussy camping . . . 
         Where relaxation is the ultimate goal!

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  What is unfussy camping?​​​​

                                                                                                                                                              he ultlimate goal of unfussy camping is relaxation and happy times - plain and simple. 

It's about sitting around a campfire, listening to the tweets of the birds in the trees, watching sunsets, walking in the woods, splashing in the nearby stream, checking out the wild flowers, meeting new friends - and clearing the cobwebs out of your soul.

Sprinkle in some great trout fishing at nearby Maramec Spring Park, one of the four trout parks in the state of Missouri - or gas up and take a cruise on the Mother Road, Route 66 - or sip some local vino or lbrew at several nearby wineries and craft breweries  - then you can end the day dining at superb local restaurants - or practice your outdoorcooking skills over an open campfire.

And if you haven't ever done 'ole school' river swimming you ca head on down to the nearby Meramec River Access - be sure and take your cooler, lawn chairs, floats  and sunscreen - and don't forget to take your fishing poles.  Sounds like the perfect setting to enjoy unfussy relaxation at the water's edge, soaking up some good ole' Ozark sunshine.

Well - are you are game to remember how camping can be a great out-of-doors experience? Then you're ready for 'unfussy' camping at Phesasnt Acres RV Park.  Spend a night, a weekend or longer. You won't find another RV park and campground surrounded by such lush forest shade and green grassy area.  I am sure you're goin to love discovering  what our quiet, family and pet friendly RV park is like. You'll want to come back again and  make us your homebase for exploring the Foothills of the Ozarks.

Camping in the Foothills of the Ozarks is a time to stow away those electronics and let your tour guide be Mother Nature.

Our prosimity  may be to I-44 - but Wi-Fi and Satellite services are not citified. Meaning connection is not top notch.  Nothing we can do about that. Our apologies in advance.  Believe me...we anxiously await the day that Mid-Missouri catches up with the big urban areas. But this can be your opportunity to get away from technology and enjoy the beauty that  Momma Nature has to offer- right?

  Welcome to Ozark WiFi and Satellite

​​                                                           Explanation in advance regarding technology in our area

  • We have Ozark engineered WiFi and cell service.  And lucky to have anything considering this area of Missouri.
  • Rural cellular, Internet and satellite coverage is sparse due to very low population density and elevation, and is weather dependent.
  • Our WiFi is free, but not guaranteed and not secure.
  • Cell service is good near I-44, and on the hilltops.  And okay here most of the time.
  • Please plan accordingly as "technology in the Boonies " is beyond our control.
  • GOOD NEWS however- When your cell is down your phone makes a handy-dandy spare flashlight! 
  • There is to be NO STREAMING OF MOVIES, GAME PLAYING or YOUTUBE watching on our limited WiFi broadband service.

  • Satellite service is also not the best in this area.
  • If you have a rooftop satellite set-up, due to our heavy tree foliage, service could be sketchy to non-existant. 
  • We have noticed that the Tailgater and Playmate portable satellites can work well here but might be dependant on which on your camping site.
  • If you are a customer of DirecTV you could be in luck, as we have installed two SWM satellites on the grounds that you are welcome to coax into from your campers BUT remember to bring your own DirecTV receiver to tune into. Site 1 - 5 and Sites 12 -21 have this option.
  • NOW YOU ARE REALLY GOING TO LOVE US!  Because we wouldn't want you  to miss that big Nascar race or a Cardinals game, we have a big screen TV on the back porch for your to use - just check with the office.
Telephone 314-303-5504
[email protected] ​​
20279 MO-8
Saint James, Missouri  65559
Office: (573) 265-5149
Cell: (314) 303-5504
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