Ten Years and Ten Things
I’ve learned Owning an RV Park/Campground:

1  Keeping Campers Happy:  Somewhat like trying to eliminate all bugs with a pair of tweezers.

2 Pets: Pet owners agree that all pets should be on leashes and not left alone – EXCEPT THEIRS.

3 Electric, Water, Sewer Issues:  Always happen after 7 PM, during a rain deluge or when you just left for the bank.

4 Personal Body Hygiene (Of Park Owners): The only safe time for a shower is around 3 AM.

5 "Uh ho, here S-H-E-comes”:  Means you have arrived at the pinnacle of your RV Kingdom!

6 Wealth Abounds: Many campers think that because they paid you money – that you are beyond wealthy.

7 Rainy Weekend:  If a new camper with 5 kids muddles through a rainy weekend, meh…you most likely will never see them again.

8 Toilets:  You can scrub them 15 days in row and on the one Sunday afternoon you need to go visit a friend in town, someone decides to ‘paint the floor and walls brown.”

9 Electric Outage:  First time campers think: Did the owner forget to pay the electric bill:   First thing owner thinks, “I sure hope all campers put water in their holding tank since the well doesn’t work without electricity.”
10 Measure of Your Worth: Kamping Kids are our next generation of revenue.  Teaching them about the out-of-doors is a ‘good thing’. They will beg their parents to please go camping again. Builds your clientele.