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EXIT 195 on I-44 at Saint James, MO 65559 
Go 5.5 miles EAST on Highway 8 to park entrance on left

Call for more information and reservations.  
Email:  pheasantacresrv@yahoo.com

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So that every camper, hunter and visitor may have
 a safe, fun and great camping experience.
Pheasant Acres RV Park and Campground LLC

  General Park Rules and Information

1,      USAGE:Use of the RV Park, campground, facilities, and amenities located with the campground at 20179 Highway 8, Saint James,
         Missouri, are designated for use by registered guest only.
2.      REGISTRATION: Guests are encourage to register at the Camp Office immediately upon arrival. Should the Office be temporarily closed or
         arrival occurs before or after normal business hours, use of the park's off-hours check in system by office door is required. Once registered,
         please do not move to a different spot without approval.
3.      OFFICE HOURS:  Office tries to remain open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. There are times it is necessary to close for errands.  Should you
         find the office closed, please call the owner/manager, Sherry Swanson at 314-303-5504 (Cell).
4.      CHECK-IN:               11:00 AM
         CHECK-OUT:            1:00 PM
         QUIET HOURS:       Sunday through Friday:   10:00 PM to 6:00 AM
                                                  Saturday:    11:00 PM to 6:00 AM
          SPEED LIMIT:         5 MPH and follow One-Way Signs
          DRIVE ONLY:          On gravel never on grassy areas.
          VEHICLE PARKING ONLY:   On gravel, never on grassy areas. 
5.       The "GOLDEN RULES": While staying in the campground, we ask that you heed the "Golden Rule" and treat other guest with the dignity
          and respect that our staff extends to you.  Please refrain from aggressive, derogatory speech and actions.  Anyone posing a threat to park
          staff, guests or themselves will be asked to leave; local law enforcement will be summoned should the need arrive.
6.       PETS:  We L-O-V-E pets and are more than happy to welcome yours to PARV.  Regardless of how well-trained, behaved or peaceful your
          pet maybe with you, we ask that you keep your pets leashed while in the park common areas, trails and road. Pets may be off leash while in
          your RV/camp site area if they do not disturb other guest.  Pets must have current shots. Insurance restrictions apply to these breeds:
          Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes, and Chows.
          There are walking paths in the woods to walk your pet.  Finally, please help us keep the campground clean and neat by picking up after your
          pets and disposing of their waste in a tied shut plastic bag placed in the dumpster by the exit.  
          There are 3 stations in the park with bags for pet waste.
7.       VULNERABLE CHILD POLICY:  Pheasant Acres RV Park and Campground LLC wants you and your family member, of all ages, to enjoy
          your stay.  We recognize parent/guardian responsibilities for the behavior and well-being of their children.  We respect the privacy of all
          park guest and will intervene only when a child is deemed at risk.  A vulnerable child is an unattended child of any age who is deemed by the
          staff to be at risk.  IF a vulnerable child comes to the attention of the staff, the staff will make a good-faith attempt to contact the
          parent/guardian.  If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the child will be referred to local law enforcement.
8.      CHILDREN on BIKES and PLAYING in CAMPGROUND:  We at PARV Campground LLC look forward to each new generation of
          campers falling in love with the out-of-doors.  But safety for children is a concern.  BIcycle riders need to follow the one-way signs on the
          road and ride only on the paths in the woods.  There is to be ABSOLUTELY NO RAMP JUMPING in the campground. Children are not to
          play/run between, behind or around the rigs of other guest. Children are not to play in the shower house/rest room building, outhouse, near
          the ice machine, behind the storage sheds or trespass on the private property and woods to the North boundary of the campground.
          Children are not to be destructive to the adjacent Conservation Land by removing plants or harming trees/shrubs.
9.       SHOWER HOUSE/REST ROOMS: Do not put food waste down sinks or toilets.  Do not put food waste/ pet waste or diapers in the trash
          receptacles.  Children are not to play in the building.  Please report any incident or breakage/malfunction of equipment to the office.
10.     PROPERTY DAMAGE:  Whether intentional or accidental, park guest are financially responsible for any damage to campground property,
          including but not limited to damage to water/sewer components, electrical components, shower house/rest room area, fire pits, picnic tables,
          stored RVs, fences, signs and other park property associated with any amenities.  Willful damage or defacing of part property or property of
          other guest or to storage area will be cause for immediate removal from the park with possible litigation.
11.     PERSONAL PROPERTY and INJURY:  Guest are responsible for any loss or damage to person property, vehicle, RV as well as
          personal injury that may be incurred while visiting the campground.  This includes property damage and personal injuries inflicted towards
          other guest, your own guests and children or pets or staff.  Pheasant Acres RV Park and Campground LLC will not be held liable for
          personal loss or injury sustained by you or your property.
12.     CAMPFIRES:  Guest are more than welcome to utilize the fire pits; however, campfires are not allowed when fire danger is high (drought). 
          Conservation Land. If there is a branch down on the campground property, you may use it.  It helps keeps the fallen wood cleaned up.
13.     FIRE PITS: We are that you do not attempt to use a fire pit for burning trash such as cigarette butts, egg shells, bottles, cans, left over food,
          table ware and such as it draws critters from the woods to the camping area.  And I have to clean out that stuff before I can dispose of the
14.     PICNIC TABLES:  You may move them if you need to, but before you leave at the end of your stay, please place the table back on the
          gravel patio, so I can easily mow grass.
15.     COMMON AREAS:  We encourage guest to utilize the park's common areas for walking, the field for playing ball and other games, the
          horse shoe pits with adult supervision, and walk in the woods where I have made nice paths for walking. Pets love walking in the woods.
          Hopefully later this summer I will have a small dog park where you can let your pets run safely.
16.    TRASH and GARBAGE:  Please help us insure that the campground stays clean and neat for you, your guests and other by placing 
          ALL WASTE/TRASH into PLASTIC TRASH BAGS TIED SHUT and put into dumpster near the exit.  Trash is only picked up once a week
          on Tuesday or Wednesday.  In the hot months it is important to keep the"eau 'd od-or" contained and to not draw critters to dumpster. The
          dumpster is not for large items such as fans, grills, chairs, mattress and such. All CANS and BOTTLES must be in trash bag tied shut!
17.    SEWER and DUMP STATION:  RV'ers registered with the park are permitted to use sewer hookups located at each full service RV Site.
          You must use appropriate screw on sewer attachment with your sewer hose.  You must not leave sewage in your sewer hose to keep the
          smell down.  Evacuate your black and grey tanks completely every couple of days then close off the black and grey tanks until it's time to
          evacuate again.  Sewage left sitting in a sewer hose creates an permeating foul smell.  Please check to se that you have no leaking or
          dripping sewer gaskets.  If you have a sewer connection from the front of your RV be sure you have enough sewer hose to reach to the
          back where the sewer connection is located.  Make sure that if you much connect two sewer hoses together that there is no leakage.
18.     WATER HYDRANTS:  Registered guests are permitted to use water hydrants located at each full-service site.  During months of April
          through November 15, water hose can remain hooked up continuously between your rig and the hydrant.
19,     MAIL SERVICE:  For extended stay guest, you can arrange for mail service.  Check with the office for details.
20.     VEHICLES and OVERFLOW PARKING:  Rv'ers are allowed two vehicles.  Park one at your site and the other in one of the overflow
          areas.  There is an additional charge for additional vehicles of overnight guests.  If you have a small trailer or a dolly, check with office.
21.     OFFICE PORCH AREA:  This area is definitely for guest use.  You will find a table/chairs, magazines, ceiling fans good Wi-Fi reception
          and...ta da!  A TV to watch your special show or sporting event.  Children must be under supervision of adults when on the porch.
22.     PAVILION and GRILL:  You can reserve the pavilion for a get-to-gether, cook on the grill, play cards or games.  Check with office.
23.     PREPARING TO LEAVE:  It is a good idea to walk about your site and pick up any thing you might have forgotten...like your sewer hose
          or such.  Make sure your fire is out and grate is on top of fire pit and any left over wood is stacked on the grate.  Makes for easier mowing.
24      ALCOHOL:  Pheasant Acres RV Park and Campground LLC does not serve alcohol.  Guest are free to bring alcohol onto the premises.
          We respectfully ask that you drink responsibly.  No underage drinking ia allowed. Disruptive, boisterous behavior will not be tolerated and
          may result in removal from the property with no refund and possibly involvement of local law enforcement.. 
25.     ILLICIT DRUGS:  Pheasant Acres RV Park and Campground LLC does not allow or tolerate any type of illicit/illegal drug use on it's
          premises.  Immediate expulsion with no refund and possible involvement of local law enforcement.
26.     Wi-FI:  Password is camper01.  Our Wi-Fi is not capable of handling streaming movies/tv shows or game playing.  Checking social sites
          and email is allowed.  The Wi-Fi is not secure enough for sensitive data like banking or work document transmission.  
27.     SATELLITE TV:  PARV does have two DirecTV satellites in place for you to connect to with coxial cable.  You do need to use your own
          DirecTV receiver for reception.  Many campers have good luck with the Tailgater system.  Due to the heavy tree foliage, rooftop satellites
          have a hard time picking up reception in this area.

THE MANAGEMENT of Pheasant Acres RV Park and Campground LLC retains the right to modify these rules as necessary and without notice.  By registering as a guest of Pheasant Acres RV Park and Campground LLC you agree to adhere to these rules.  Failure to do so may result in removal from the property with no refund. By following the rules, you are helping us ensure a pleasant and enjoyable and safe experience for you and all park guest.  If you have any questions/concerns/comments regarding these rules please stop by the office.  We thank you for your cooperation and hope that you enjoy your stay.

                        Respectfully, Management of Pheasant Acres RV Park and Campground LLC        March 2018