Responsible pet owners and their pets are certainly welcome at Pheasant Acres RV Park.

We have a few simple rules to ensure that you and your pet as well as our other campers can enjoy their stay at our campground.  

These rules apply to all types of pets.
Service animals assisting people with disabilities are welcome.

Upon arrival the first time at Pheasant Acres RV Park, you will be asked to fill out a Pet Rules and Waiver and that acknowledges you are aware of the rules regarding pets. It will be kept on file in the office.  

Due to Liability Insurance Constraints there are NO PIT BULLS (or mix, for example Pit Bull and Terrier) or ROTTWEILERS (or mix, for example Rottweiler and Shepherd) allowed at the campground.

We have a TWO PET LIMIT PER CAMPSITE to reduce the impact on the surrounding natural resources and to help with noise control.

We reserve the right to ask for a pet to be removed if we deem that the pet is the cause of any detrimental or threatening incident while at Pheasant Acres RV Park.

These rules apply to all types of pets except service animals assisting people with disabilities.Pheasant Acres RV Park personnel reserve the right to amend the rules and make judgement 
on enforcement of said stipulations. 

  • Please read carefully and be aware that YOU and NOT PHEASANT ACRES RV PARK LLC will be legally and financially liable for any all damage done to people and property by your pet.  

  • Pheasant Acres RV Park has a limit of two pets per campsite to reduce the impact on the surrounding natural resources of our park as well as to assist in noise control.

  • We ask that all pets BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES.  Leashes shall be no longer than 10 feet to keep your pet safe.

  • Responsible pet owners keep their pets in control at all times.  Barking dogs ruin the enjoyment of everyone.  Leaving a pet unattended inside your camping unit or tied unattended outside your camping unit can be dangerous for your pet and an annoyance to others.

  • All pet owners must present proof of current pet vaccinations from veterinarian as per campground insurance requirements. Pets must have rabies tags attached to collars.

  • Pet waste will be immediately cleaned up by pet owner and contained in a plastic bag for quick disposal into trash container. There are three Poop Stations throughout the campground.

  • Pet owners are responsible for any damage their pet may cause to property including:  buildings, activity areas, camp sites, grounds and trees.

  • Pet owners are also responsible for any damage their pet causes to another guest, visitor, vendor, employee or property thereon.

  • Pet owners must not leave their pet tied outside their RV/Tent while they are gone from the campground. Make arrangements for someone to stay behind with your pet or take your pet with you. Do you know if your dog is barking while you are gone?  We do.

  • Visitors are not allowed to bring a pet to the campground. Please let them know in advance.

  • Certain breeds are not allowed on the campground, as per liability insurance stipulations:  
           Pit Bull, or a mix such as Pit Bull and Terrier 
           Rottweiler, or a mix such as Rottweiler and Shepherd.

  • No animals are allowed at the campground that have shown aggressive behavior towards other animals or humans.

  • No pets are allowed at the campground that have been involved in biting incidents.

We are a 
pet friendly campground
with walking trails.